While U.S. citizens have to bend the will of War of Barack Obama, the  Arab League
slut has also been proposed to finance a U.S. intervention in Syria so that the Pentagon can experiment with new uranium weapons in vivo to kill Christians and Muslims.
"The Arab countries have actually offered to cover the cost of the military operation. (...) We examine this proposal," said the chief U.S. diplomat speaking to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of representatives.
The Arab League has expelled Syria from its ranks, while some Sunni-dominated Arab countries supply weapons to the Syrian opposition fighting forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. While Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya refused to pay this criminal act, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are considered as the main sponsors of the anti-Assad.
Vladimir Putin formally accuses wahanistes SLA Nosra have used the 21 August 2013 of chemical weapons against the armed opposition and the civilian population in a suburb of Damascus. The nobel war Barack Obama has decided to launch a military operation against the Syrian authorities without a mandate from the Security Council of the UN, but aa bent to the will of the American scalded by medieval wars.